ACBL Philadelphia Board Meetings

Philadelphia hosted a very successful tournament with 10,317 tables in play in spite of cold, windy, sometimes snowy weather.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and there were many places to eat great food nearby at the Reading Market which was an interesting, busy marketplace featuring foods of every sort at reasonable prices.

The board approved the revision of the ACBL Convention Charts.  This will take effect November 22, 2018 so you will have time before the Honolulu NABC’s to read and study the charts.  The revisions were quite extensive and all will be shown on the ACBL website after the Philadelphia minutes are approved by the board.

Regional tournaments restricted to Non-Life Masters with fewer than 750 masterpoints issue masterpoint awards in their championship events that are 33 % Gold/67 % Red as calculated using the appropriate formulas (General or Knockout).

The number of Regionals at Sea were increased from four to eight.

A district may, with permission, hold a regional in a contiguous district.

The rules for STaCs held after January 1, 2019 were changed.  They are rather extensive and you should read the Conditions of Contest for STaCs as well as the Philadelphia minutes, especially if you are responsible in your club or unit for holding STaC games.  You should each contact your club manager and ask that they carefully read the CofC and Philadelphia minutes.

A motion requiring that members be subject to binding compulsory arbitration to settle disputes involving ACBL carried unanimously.  This policy was currently in place but the new motion requires more extensive display of this on the website and the membership application.

A motion setting forth a more complete and complex conflict of interest policy was carried unanimously.

The Lebhar IMP Pairs will move from the first Friday and Saturday to the first Sunday and Monday and the Silver Ribbon pairs will move from the first Sunday and Monday to the first Friday and Saturday of the Spring NABC’s.

Also, the Flight B and C NAP will be moved from the first Sunday and Monday to the second Saturday and Sunday.  It was felt that the players would be more apt to come in early and stay longer and also that it would be easier for them to obtain rooms as the tournament hotel as room nights fall off near the end of the tournament.

This is a recap of the motions that were passed.  We held several discussion groups on topics to better the experience of our players, bylaws, how to be more effective in the Board’s work and future changes to the masterpoint structure and strength of field calculations.

Please read the minutes to gain full knowledge of some of the more complex motions and the bylaws amendments.